About the Festival

The world's biggest beer festival will visit Budapest this year! You can experience the feeling of the real Bavarian Paulaner Oktoberfest Big Tent directly from Munich for the third time in Hungary!



Budapest, Felvonulási tér (56-osok tere)

To the Heroes’ Square, than 3 minutes by foot behind the Art Gallery

By No. 75. trolleybus to Dvořak walkway from Stadionok than one minute walk

By No. 75. trolleybus to Damjanich street / Dózsa György street stop from Jászai Mari stop, than 2 minutes walk

By No. 79. trolleybus to Dvořak walkway from Keleti Railway Station, than one minute walk

More than

Dear Guests, unfortunately on the site limited amount of tickets are provided. In recent years the Oktoberfest Budapest was a full house event. To make Your entrance sure buy your presale tickets here!
Csütörtöki Napijegy
1990 HUF

Csak csütörtöki belépésre jogosít

Hamarosan elfogy!

Helyszínen 2490 Ft

Pénteki Napijegy
1990 HUF

Csak pénteki belépésre jogosít

Hamarosan elfogy!

Helyszínen 2490 Ft

Szombati Napijegy
3490 HUF

Csak szombati belépésre jogosít

Hamarosan elfogy!

Vasárnapi Napijegy
1990 HUF

Csak vasárnapi belépésre jogosít

Hamarosan elfogy!

Helyszínen 2490 Ft

GOLD Napijegy
2990 HUF

0,5l Paulaner Oktoberfest korsó

1 szabadon választható nap

1 pár Bajor Virsli kenyérrel

1 korsó Paulaner Oktoberfest sör

3490 HUF

Mind a 4 napra érvényes

Hamarosan elfogy!

Helyszínen nem kapható!

VIP Bérlet
9990 HUF

1l Paulaner Oktoberfest sör

Mind a 4 napra érvényes

Garantált ülőhely

Soron kívüli belépés

VIP mosdók használata

VIP Sátor a színpad mellett

A visit to the festival is free for children under 14.
The purchased tickets and coupons will be replaced to wristband and pitcher at the entrance.
* Only until stocks last! You should buy the ticket on time that you can get this special pitcher.

You should buy your ticket now, because:

There will be full house this year as well

If you do not want to miss the biggest beer festival of the year, you have to buy your ticket now, because it was sold out at Oktoberfest Budapest last year.

40 % of the tickets are already sold out

Most of the tickets have already been sold out! Most likely, a few days before the festival it will not be possible to buy tickets, not even on the spot!

There will not be gift pitchers on the spot

We give the custom-made Paulaner Oktoberfest Budapest pitchers as a gift only for presale tickets. If there will be ticket on the spot, the pitcher is not given to that.

Only here you can get food and drink gift coupon

After ordering you can bring home unique, half-priced food and drink coupons from us! You cannot request it on the spot, it can be purchased only here online.

Unforgettable atmosphere

A four day long craziness. More than 50 performers. A unique gift pitcher. Fireworks. Street party. Swabian bands. Street Food street. We should not continue, should we?

Original Oktoberfest HB and Paulaner big tent

We guarantee the real atmosphere! We bring the HB and Paulaner big tent from the world's largest folk fest, the German Oktoberfest, to have an original experience. You will not believe your eyes!

The tent
Here is the real Oktoberfest mood! We do not leave to chance. We get the original Paulaner large tent directly from the Munich Oktoberfest to make a giant party in this huge tent. The decoration gives you an experience that you have never realized in Budapest.